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Movement Introduction

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Zoga is a stretching and strengthening practice based on yoga asanas using Anatomy Trains Structural Integration principles. Zoga is specifically designed to increase the freedom of glide between myofascial layers of the body.

The human body is designed to move from our center of gravity into all available directions. Zoga includes all these possibilities in assessment and therapy.

  • How myofascial layers move on each other in stretch
  • How Anatomy Trains Lines adapt to stretching
  • How specific positioning within asana creates fascial stretch and gliding challenges
  • Visual assessment of posture and movement that lead to new intervention strategies
  • How to help students / clients find stand open those obscure and stubborn ‘corners’ in the moving body
  • Training in manual interventions

In this 3-day Zoga introductory workshop you will learn:

Course objectives:

• Expose the myths and misconceptions around shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and pathology;

• Simplify the assessment and management of the commonly encountered shoulder issues;

• Explore the evidence on how to best assess and diagnose the common shoulder issues;

• Examine how and when to assess shoulder muscle function, proprioception, and the kinetic chain;

• Practice shoulder exercises and know how to plan an effective rehab program

Zoga practice allows you to:

• Bodyread where lack of glide and ‘give’ are occurring in the body

• Use movement and manual guidance to elicit efficient and balanced movement

• Achieve a balanced and ‘minimum energy’ resting posture and more efficient in movement

• Achieve more balance in movement and how forces are distributed along tensegrity system of the body

Course Information


MoveLab, Lidicka 766/1, Prague 5 - Czech Republic


First day: 09:00-17:00,

Second day: 09:00 – 17:00,

Third day: 09:00 – 17:00.

Instructor: Wojciech Cackowski

This course is dedicated for: physiotherapists, movement teachers and therapists, yoga, pilates, personal trainers.

Duration: 3 days/28 hours

Attention: course in English.



ZOGA Movement Concept

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Wojciech Cackowski (Anatomy Trains)

Wojtek has been fascinated with movement, sports and bodywork all his life. He finished his degree in sport education and physiotherapy and he is also a board-certified ATSI (formerly KMI) structural integration practitioner. He has been practicing manual and yoga therapy last ten years, combining it also with myofascial therapy in the water. Happy father of two children, he lives and practices in Poland in a medical Spa where he has build a team of therapist who are using ATSI and zoga combined with physiotherapy. He has been fascinated with fascial anatomy exploring spatial tissue relationships on cadavers, using ultrasound and analysing movement what has been a base of developing ZOGA MOVEMENT PROJECT. Combination of Yoga asanas, Structural Integration and precise manual interventions have lead to a method that influences spatial organisation of human body architecture. Apart from ZOGA and Anatomy Trains Structural Integration programs Wojtek teaches also Scarwork of Sharon Wheeler some clinical applications of Structural Integration for Neurological Children, in Scoliosis or structural Approaches for foot specialists. He is involved in many health projects like Worldwide Exercise is Medicine or Walk for Health regular speaker on physiotherapy, manual medicine and movement conferences in Poland and Europe. He is in board of Directors in Polish Manual Medicine Association that is setting a standards and direction for development in manual medicine in Poland. Wojtek is involved in research projects focused on fascial layer movements and clinical influence of structural integration and measurements of structural changes created by manual and movement interventions. His biggest passion is bodywork and holistic approaches to the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. He brings this passion combined with his interest in anatomy and manual therapy technique to the workshops he teaches.

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