1. Who can participate in Courses?

Courses are designed for physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors and students in these areas. In some Courses, chiropractors, massage therapists, instructors (fitness, Pilates, Yoga) and sports trainers may also participate.In the description of each Course, you'll find information about who's it addressed for. If in doubt whether you can or cannot participate in a given Course, send us a question at info@movuto.com.

2. What language is the Course presented in? Will I receive materials in the English language?

All the Courses we offer are conducted in English. The educational materials are also in English. Some of the Courses are additionally translated into Polish. You'll find detailed information in Course descriptions.

3. Do you issue VAT invoices?

Yes, we issue VAT invoices. If you provided company data during registration, this is the data which will appear on the invoice. If you haven't provided this data, you'll receive a name invoice.All invoices are sent via e-mail after payment is registered.

4. Payment methods

There are two ways of payment during reservation:

1. bank transter,

2. via credit card. Credit cards payments are operated by Dotpay.

5. Where Courses take place and at what time?

The place and timetable of each Course are provided in the descriptions.

6. Are there any places available?

If you can sign up for a course, it means there are free places. After registering for a Course, make a payment within 7 days, otherwise your application will be cancelled.

7. How do I register for a Course?

Course registration is done the same way as making a purchase via online store.Click "Register" on the page of the Course you're interested in. Next, provide your data (name, last name, e-mail address, telephone number) and, if need be, commercial invoice details. Within 7 days of registration, you must cover the entire cost of the Course.

8. Can I resign from a Course? Do you return the paid amount?

a. You can resign from a Course within 14 days of the first payment being registered on our account. We return all paid fees.

b. You can resign from the Course no later than 30 days before its onset. We return all paid fees. If you want to resign, inform us via e-mail: info@movuto.com

c. You can designate a different participant who will take your place.

9. Are the sums listed on the page net or gross?

VAT is included.


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