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Anatomy Trains

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About Workshops

A revolutionary map with practical results! Transform your view of myofascial anatomy and expand your ability to assess postural and movement patterns, and to create lasting fascial change with your hands. In this new and expanded 21-hour workshop format you will learn about the myofascial tissue and its many roles in the body. You will begin to appreciate how the body incorporates the Anatomy Train Lines to create easy and graceful movement – provided they are in some form of balance and harmony; restriction or weakness in one section can have many knock-on effects elsewhere.

This workshop will show you how that happens, how to trace the lines of strain and, most importantly, how you can develop strategies to deal with them. This is the first workshop to combine Anatomy Trains theory alongside structural and functional anatomy and analysis, blending together the concepts of tensegrity with elastic recoil for movement efficiency.

Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function courses give you new techniques to transform structure by reaching deeper issues in the tissues.

• Functional, Fascial and Structural approaches in one program

• Understand how the body really moves,

• Break the myths of anatomy and physiology

• And learn to make the appropriate changes to maximize efficiency.

Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function / Structural Essentials Program:

Course objectives:

• Expose the myths and misconceptions around shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and pathology;

• Simplify the assessment and management of the commonly encountered shoulder issues;

• Explore the evidence on how to best assess and diagnose the common shoulder issues;

• Examine how and when to assess shoulder muscle function, proprioception, and the kinetic chain;

• Practice shoulder exercises and know how to plan an effective rehab program

• Get the latest information on fascia, muscle, and movement

• Be able to identify the 12 myofascial meridians and their link to human growth, development, perception and consciousness

• Accurately “BodyRead” posture and movement; assess your clients in a new way

• Gain effective myofascial and movement strategies

• Develop treatment strategies specific to your clients’ structural and functional patterns

Course Information


MoveLab, Lidicka 766/1, Prague 5 - Czech Republic


First day: 09:00-17:00,

Second day: 09:00 – 17:00,

Third day: 09:00 – 17:00.

Instructor: Owen Lewis

This course is dedicated for: physiotherapists, movement teachers and therapists, yoga, pilates, personal trainers.

Duration: 3 days/21 hours

Attention: course in English.



Introduction to Anatomy Trains

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Owen Lewis (Anatomy Trains)

Owen Lewis is an experienced Structural Integrator from the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration School. He runs a busy practice in the East of England. His diverse education includes undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in sports science, injury rehabilitation, sports psychology and teaching. Structural Integration was the next natural step in his search for long-term positive change within a holistic modality. He teaches with an enthusiasm and insight that is infectious with a relaxed, open style of teaching, allowing self-discovery as well as the understanding of precise technical detail. His own interests range from the visual arts, poetry and music to philosophy, dance and numerous sports.

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